Stylish glasses and sunglasses that fit – OPSM Alternate Fit range

Do you find that frames often rest on your cheeks or constantly slide down your nose?
I’ve basically spent my entire life suffering through some form of optical glasses or sunglasses that didn’t properly fit my face. It was also very hard to find glasses on the market that fit my face well, and even harder having to choose a pair that doesn’t compromise on style.

Not until I discovered OPSM’s Alternate Fit range. OPSM have made some adjustments to the frame to allow for all day comfort. Not only that, also offering a variety of styles and brands to cater for almost everyone.

OPSM Alternate Fit range details:
1.Adapted nose pads: adapted nose pads allow the frames to sit higher on the nose, creating a more secure and comfortable grip on the nose bridge.
2. reduce frame curvature: the frame rests away from the cheeks instead of digging in the cheekbones.
3. slightly curved temples (subtle arch in temples make for a wide temple-to-temple distance and an ultra-roomy fit)
4. narrowed nose bridge: A narrowed nose bridge  prevents the frame from sliding down the nose.

Brands are definitely becoming more aware of the diversity in their customers, whether it’s just in their face shape or different body shapes.
The Alternate Fit range is designed to cater for Asian faces, offering a variety of best selling styles and newest models. You must check out brands such as Prada, Tiffany & Co and Oliver Peoples to name a few!

Top 3 styles I have been loving this season include:

1. Round lenses that are beautifully oversized, with a glamorous touch.
2. Slight cat eye sunnies hold a retro charm, perfect for elongating the face and emphasising the cheekbones. Loving both modern and old school takes.
3. Patterned frames - snow leopard prints on frames (spring 2019 print trend).

Visit the Alternate Fit range here.


  1. Cool frames and lovely blouses!
    Kisses, Paola.


  2. Love your pics and those glasses are so cute :)

    - Marina W

  3. These glasses are super cute and you look fan in them.


  4. Great photos dear! Amazing glasses!

  5. Love that first outfit, what a pretty top! your glasses look great too, thanks for sharing about the range! :)

    Hoping your week is going well :) The weekday wear linkup is live on my blog, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From The Blue

  6. The glasses look great on you. Normally in recent years to wear a pair of glasses that are not well-suited to him, but suits you very well.


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