The LG Twin Wash is uniquely designed to be efficient, time saving and rewarding – a first of its kind in Australia.

How it works
LG Twin Wash combines two washing machines in one and it revolutionises the time it takes to do your laundry. There is a combination of a front loader with a uniquely designed Mini Washer, this is so that the all-important small loads and delicate items can be washed at the same time as heavily soiled products.

Key features
·       TWINWash®
·       16kg Front Load Washer / 9kg Dryer Combo
·       2.5kg MiniWasher
·       Pause and Add
·       Inverter Direct Drive Motor
·       True Steam®

Dryer capability
This is probably the most exciting feature. The front loader unit of this large capacity combines a 16kg washer with a 9kg. To use the washer and dryer combo, all you do is to set it to wash and dry (Turbo Dry, Air Dry or Time Dry), and come back to fully laundered clothing.

Tru Steam
This feature has the ability to achieve an intensely deep yet gentle clean, it fluffs up fabric fibres allowing for the steam particles to clean on a microscopic level. It’s a feature that’s great for removing stains but also suitable for allergy-prone people, and I use it quite often as Melbourne’s the world’s allergy capital.

Wash with care - 6 motion Direct Drive
LG washers use a combination of 6 motions, based on hand-washing, to wash your clothes. You can choose a cycle and our machine selects the best combination of washing motions to give you an outstanding wash, whilst also caring for your clothes.

Mid Cycle Pause
Have you ever wished you never missed a sock or could add more items during a wash? My previous washing machine could not perform a pause during the mid-wash, and I would always forget something. With the LG Twin Wash, it allows you to ‘Pause’ the wash cycle to ‘Add Items’ which is super convenient.

Smart Phone Integration
LG is at the forefront with technology. Their washing machine can sync to your home’s Wi-Fi network using the SmartThinQ app. You can manage your laundry anytime, anywhere and it lets you remotely start or monitor the wash cycle. You can also track energy consumption, diagnose and troubleshoot issues and download additional wash cycles.

The Twin Wash has a sleek, futuristic design with an Anti-fingerprint Stainless Finish, it’s a luxurious and stylish washing machine that integrates seamlessly into the home. 

You may not have known you needed the second washer until you try the LG Twin Wash. But trust me, once you live with it, you will evidently see the difference between this one and your previous washing machine.

This machine is perfect for people with big families, and the functionality aspect of this washing machine is out the roof. LG TwinWash is truly the king of all washing machines, and is value for money. 

For more info visit www.lg.com.au


  1. Such a cool washing machine!
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  2. This washing machine sounds amazing! I love the feature that it can sync up with your phone!


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    <3 Shannon 
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  5. It's great and so beautiful!


  6. This looks and sounds amazing!

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  7. This washing machine sounds great!


  8. This sounds like a super washing machine! Love it


  9. I love the fact that it has smart phone integration! That's so so cool!!

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